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The 10 Commandments Every Backpacker Should Follow

The 10 commandments every backpacker should follow

There are literally hundreds of rules and tips that a backpacker has to know, but not everyone has the time nor the inclination to read through everything. Here are 10 commandments that a backpacker should follow:

1. Know what to take on your trip. A backpacker should only take what is necessary to their travel plans.

2. Always have identification. Take at least two forms of identification in case authorities need extra proof of identity. Keep copies of them and do not put them all together in case of theft. Electronic storage is recommended.

3. Arrange any visas that are necessary. Some countries require a visa even for American travelers.

4. Break in any new equipment. You’ll need to be familiar with what you’ll be bringing.

5. Do a trial packing run. This is to check whether everything you’ll be taking will fit in your backpack.

6. Know where to stay. Check out possible hostels or campsites in your country of choice and see if they are acceptable for you.

7. Organize travel insurance. If you plan on doing some risky activities such as skydiving or bungee-jumping, make sure you have travel insurance or check if your regular insurance can be extended during your trip.

8. Be familiar with local currency. Backpackers should arrive in countries with at least a working knowledge of local currency. Knowing the local currency will also stop you from being ripped off. It’s not wise to bring a lot of cash; convert what you have slowly.

9. Know the mode of transportation. Many countries offer budget air travel, car rentals, rail passes for trains, and even bicycles for rent.

10. Keep your health in mind. It’s usual for backpackers to try local delicacies or to wander to rustic areas. Ensure you have had the necessary shots. In addition, take a small first-aid kit, just to be safe.

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