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Beauty Travel Tips For Backpacking Girls

Beauty travel tips for backpacking girls

A good first impression never hurt any girl backpacker meeting new friends. Being a backpacker doesn’t mean you don’t care for your physical appearance. The right travel beauty tips can keep you looking great on the go without packing half of your makeup drawer.

Before packing for your trip, be on the lookout for multi-purpose products in convenient travel sizes. Tinted moisturizers with SPF will also work as foundation. There are also stains and cremes that for your lips, eyes and cheeks. If you like fragrances, you can get good lightly scented lotions for the same effect.

Travel can also bring out the best and worst in your hair at unpredictable instances. Using shampoo with high moisture content is ideal, but if you cannot cut on the products you are used to, just re-pack them in travel bottles or get them in disposable packaging. If a hair dryer is a must in your routine, bring a compact one with an auto-volt function.

Your skin needs the most attention and maintenance. A simple but effective way of combating the drying effects on your skin brought about by changing climates is drinking six to eight glasses of water a day. Pre-moistened cloths or baby wipes are great for keeping your skin hydrated and double as makeup removers.

Here are seven additional travel beauty tips you should follow:

1. Take your own conditioner. Remember to make things easier by transferring the conditioner into a convenient travel bottle.

2.  Use a face mask. Face masks can hydrate your skin, remove oil  and improve your skins overall appearance.

3. Take beauty products that multitask. Save room, weight and drama by taking products that have a multi-purpose.

4. Use samples. Free samples of your favorite beauty products are small and a great way to cut down on on space and weight.

5. Don’t touch your skin. Avoiding breaking out by avoiding touching your skin. Traveling exposes you to germs and bacteria that can be transferred to your face, causing pimples. Use antibacterial hand gel regularly whilst traveling.

6. Use rosehip oil. Rosehip oil is amazing for dry sensitive skin. It’s perfect for hydrating dry skin on long flights.

7. Chew sugar free gum. Sugar free gum will keep your breath fresh and produce saliva that will clean and protect your teeth. Nice, clean healthy teeth are beautiful!

Remember that less is more. The most important beauty accessory you will have throughout your trip is a winning disposition. Be confident and have fun!

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