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Brussels: A Backpackers Guide To Traveling Brussels

Brussels: A backpackers guide to traveling Brussels

Brussels is the perfect city to explore; it seemingly knows no limits when it comes to culture and art! The city alone has over 60 museums and 50 opera houses and theaters, and its carefully preserved city center offers backpackers a legitimate experience as to how life was back in the 14th century. The new co-exists with the old peacefully, although to some the contrasts can be jarring, with boulevards done in the Parisian style and with a thoroughly modern EU quarter.

Getting Around

The trams, trains, and buses will connect you to almost anywhere in the city. If your plans include a lot of traveling, purchase a one-day travel card. It costs BEF (Belgian Franc) 130. They can be purchased in the tram and train stations and also in kiosks.

Things to See

In Brussels, culture is all around you – in fact, it would be hard to escape it. You may not be able to visit all the museums and theaters, but try going to one or two such as the Brewery Museum (sample the beers!) and the Cocoa and Chocolate Museum (Belgian chocolate is one of the world’s best). If you’re here during the summer, take a trip to the Royal Palace, which charges no admission and is only open in summer.

Things to Do

Brussels is more than just the bars and the nightclubs, although there are plenty of those in the city. Try St. Giles, Marolles (a street), or Le Grand Place for your drinking needs. For concerts, head down to Rue Neuve. You can also try cabarets and puppet shows, although the former can be expensive.

Where to Stay

Brussels is home to a number of hostels and budget inns. It won’t be hard finding lodging here. Try the 2G04 Quality Hostel, which offers air-conditioning and free internet access. Mixed dorms go for a shade under $30.

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