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Zurich: A Backpackers Guide To Traveling Zurich

Zurich: A backpackers guide to traveling Zurich

Built between the wooded slopes of the Uetliberg and the Zurichberg, Switzerland’s second largest city is among the most beautiful in Europe. Zurich is split by the Limmat River and is situated on the northern shore of Lake Zurich. Amazingly enough, this highly industrialized major center of international finance maintains and unpolluted sky because the factories run on electricity.

Getting Around

Zurich is easy to navigate and the best way to get around is via buses and trams. Taxis can be expensive and should only be considered as a last resort. It’s isn’t advisable to drive because the streets are highly congested and you’d get exhausted easily even before you reach your destination.

Things to See

20 museums, 100 galleries, and 24 archives. All of these are products of Zurich’s rich history. Just walk along the quays of Zurich and you are likely to pass by historical buildings and religious monuments. The most famous quay is the Limmatquai. Found in the center of Zurich, it begins at the Bahnhof Bridge, and stretches to the Rathaus or town hall. Many of these quays have lovely gardens and promenades.

Where to Stay

Accommodations in Zurich are categorized based on the location. If you plans to stay on the left bank, you will be in close proximity to some of the grandest shops and restaurants as well as all the major banks. For those who prefers ambiance, on the other hand, should opt to stay at the right bank where the Altstadt or Old Town provides and old-style atmosphere.

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