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How To Find The Best Backpacker Equipment

How to find the best backpacker equipment

Now that you are determined to live the backpacker’s life for the next few weeks or months, you have much preparation to do. You will need a myriad of equipment to make it a successful one. You might find yourself overwhelmed by the options available to you. To make your planning easier, this article introduces you to some of the top choices for a few of these backpacking essentials.

Many backpackers enjoy sleeping amongst nature. Sleeping bags can be a necessity to protect oneself against the elements. One of the best sleeping bags available is the Kelty Light Year 3D. Made of synthetic fibers it retains its insulating qualities even when wet and is also easier to dry than down filled counterparts. It is reasonably priced and is of medium weight, being barely over 1 kg.

When it comes to cooking your own food, a good backpacking stove is a must. The Jetboil Personal Cooking System is an iso-butane canister-type stove that comes with its own insulated cooking pot. This eliminates the need to pack additional cookware, packing quite lightly at only 425 grams.

Last but not the least (pardon the cliche), every backpacker needs a backpack and one of the best backpacks in the market right now is Granite Gear’s Vapor Trail. It was awarded Backpacker Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award. It has a capacity of 3600 cubes and carries loads of up to 20.5 kg, weighing at less than 1kg.

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