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A Guide To Partying In Europe

A guide to partying in Europe

Aside from exploring all the nooks and crannies of Europe, tasting each country’s unique and delectable cuisine, admiring and photographing historical landmarks that have withstood the test of time … what else is there to do? Well, why not let your hair down, throw caution to the wind, and kick up your heels and PARTY!

Despite projecting a relatively reserved image to the world, Europe actually knows how to have fun. Though there are several bars in each European city where you can hang out and relax, the best places to really let loose can be found in the cities of Amsterdam, Paris, Ibiza and Mykonos.

Considered the original Sin City, Amsterdam where everything is legal, is truly a party-goer’s ultimate paradise. Walk through the streets of Amsterdam’s red-light district and be treated to a bevy of ladies who are ready to party on with you (for a fee). There are streets upon streets that are literally dotted with bars and pubs where you can drink all kinds of alcoholic beverages to your hearts content. Join the crowd as they toast to their health, their wealth, and whatever else they want to drink to.

After Amsterdam, you can travel down south and party on in Gay Paris! Though Paris has lots of bars, pubs and bistros, the main venues for having extreme fun are the Latin Quarter and the Bastille. The Latin Quarter targets those whose ages range between the 20s and 30’s. Though the place is overflowing with bars, you must make your way to Harry’s American Bar, a longtime favorite of Parisian guests. The famous Bloody Mary drink is reputed to have been born here. If you’re not much of a drinker but a more of dancer, then waltz your way to Chantier Interdit at Bastille. Here, you will find the small dance floor packed with hot and sweaty dancers swaying to the beat of the music.

When you’re don’t dancing up a storm in Paris, head on further south and experience fun under the sun at Spain’s Ibiza. Ibiza Town and San Antonio are probably the ultimate party places in Europe because here, the fun just never stops! After you absorb the dazzling rays of the sun, cool down and have a drink at one of Ibiza Town’s hip and trendy bars. In case you want to be seen on TV, stop over at San Antonio. Not only is this the favorite playground of tourists, it is also one of MTV’s more preferred destinations.

Finally, cap off your European backpacking adventure by spending a weekend at the magical island of Mykonos. Located in the Greek Isles, Mykonos is considered the ‘world’s adult playground’. Don’t balk at the potential costs because even if you’re on a budget, you can still have fun and be part of the crowd. Backpackers would particularly enjoy Paradise Beach. You can camp out on the beach for a paltry $8.00 per day, and when the sun sets, you don’t have to go elsewhere because the fun happens exactly where you are.

So, if you feel that the ordinary city bars will not curb your appetite to party, a weekend at one of these places will most surely do. What are you waiting for? Party on!

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