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How To Work Overseas When Traveling As A Backpacker

How to work overseas when traveling as a backpacker

Work abroad programs are available through student travel organizations and other systems, both formal and informal. You will never really know a place unless you have the opportunity to work there. It will present a different side from that which is usually presented to tourists. If you are still a student, it will be worth your time to look into study abroad programs as well.

Study abroad programs are cost efficient ways of traveling for an extended period of time while continuing your education. Most universities offer student exchange programs including graduate study, college undergraduate courses, high school, summer and experiential programs, and intensive language courses. Internship programs for students are also available. It gives students a chance to work and experience a job in preparation for a future career.

It may be a bit intimidating at first to work abroad but there are existing programs that do help a backpacker make their trip a working holiday. Update yourself on current documentary requirements and essential information. There are even “under the table jobs” which are jobs that are essentially legal except for the fact that these jobs are held by people without the necessary papers to work in a specific country or place. Backpackers usually take these jobs due to budget constraints and are usually found in hostels, hotels, bed and breakfast places, restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs and any other business establishments related to the tourism industry.

There are countless job opportunities abroad aside from tourism related work but some of the more in demand positions in Europe are language teachers, Au pairs and agricultural workers. Teachers of the English language are most sought after, but it is best to have extra training as competition is quite stiff in some places. Au pair duties consist of looking after children and general household work. They are expected to take either a language or vocational course for a few hours a week. Agricultural work such as fruit picking and care of animals are available on farms or vineyards, especially in countries like Australia.

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